Trans Europe Express: To Sweden We Go

So we thought!

Well so we thought! I had been preparing for this trip for 6 months and was looking forward to Cassius’s first trip to Sweden! After extensive research it was determined that everything had to be done ten days prior to the trip which was good because we had several months! So we thought!

Since his medical records were not going to be an issue and we would fly on SAS (Scandinavia’s pet friendly and punctual airline) the only other important factor was to secure a cozy bag for an eight-hour flight. Again, so we thought!


I already had a travel bag that I used for car trips and for traveling on Chicago’s “L”. Unfortunately my bag did not meet SAS size requirements, so after an SAS representative recommended a Sherpa Pet bag we purchased the most comfortable travel bag that doubles as a backpack!! After 6 months of getting use to the bag and being comfortable traveling on the “L” there was ten days until we left so it was time to go to the vet. Again, so we thought!


Sherpa Backpack
Sherpa Backpack


Sherpa Backpack (on back)
Sherpa Backpack (on back)

Banfield Vet in Chicago was the place that I had chosen because they were contacted months prior to our departure and they confirmed the protocol on two separate instances. After my not so good experience – basically the vet that I was to see (the only international approved vet on site) was very busy and made that perfectly clear. Therefore this visit was long and not very personable. After contacting the Illinois USDA to make arrangements for the official stamp of approval the representative, who was most helpful, mentioned I did not have all of the necessary paperwork to move forward. He suggested that I wait until the next trip! To say the least this was a learning experience.

Cassius made his first trip the following year, stay tuned for that post it promises to be informative for those who want to travel oversees with their pint size pups!!

Dog Friendly Airlines (Photo Credit: Tessa Gould via Huffington
Dog Friendly Airlines (Photo Credit: Tessa Gould via Huffington

I bid you all happy travels – xox!


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